Do I have to have my car serviced at a dealership to maintain its warranty?

The short answer to this is simple, No.

Under Australian law the fair trading act states, new car franchise dealers cannot maintain a monopoly on Log book service” , nor can they suggest that your new car warranty is void if a service is carried out by someone other than a New car Franchise Dealer.”

The choice of who services your vehicle is always yours. This is why dealerships sell extended warranties, it is an extra product that is full of restrictions and they dictate the terms.

The vehicles warranty required by law ensures you retain the right to have the logbook services carried out by your choice of mechanic.

At L&J we will only use lubricants and replacement parts that are equal to, or better in quality than the original fitment.

So if you are looking for a company that can carry out your Logbook services, please consider L&J Automotive ‘Experts in our field’.

Quality repairs at very competitive prices.

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