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Mechanical Services

We often get asked by clients ‘what’s the best way to keep my car running well?’.

The answer is simple; stick to your scheduled servicing, drive to the weather and road conditions and keep your vehicle clean and tidy.

However, even if you do all these things, your vehicle is a complex machine and things can – and do – go wrong occasionally. 

So whether you’re hearing a strange clunking sound, the ignition’s not turning over properly or you’ve simply just reached your next servicing milestone, our expert team offer:

Car servicing

Minor and major servicing, otherwise known as log book servicing, is the schedule your car manufacturer recommends for the long life and smooth running of your vehicle. No matter the make and model of your car, these can be done at any mechanic and do not have to be done by the dealership at which you bought your vehicle. Our servicing includes items such as a grease and oil change, precision diagnostic tune-up, a safety inspection and a report on your cars overall mechanical condition.

Suspension inspection

Stay comfortable on the road with our inspection and test of all suspension component for wear and tear. We look at the ball joints, shock absorbers, control arms, brushes and struts.

Clutch repairs

It’s one of those things you don’t notice until it plays up! Your clutch is vital to the smooth running of your vehicle and we’ll do a full check and adjustment of hydraulics and recommend a clutch pad replacement if your car needs one.

Rear axle

Ensure smooth motion and turning. We’ll check your rear axle fluid levels in the differential, as well as the universal joint and centre bearing. If we find any free play we’ll recommend it be replaced.

Brake service

If your brakes are feeling too responsive or a little spongy, it’s time to get them checked. We’ll look at your brake disc pads and brake shoes on front and rear wheels and let you know if we recommend replacing them with a quality product. We also provide disc and drum machining.

Cooling system and radiators

Another couple of parts vital to the operation of your car. We’ll pressure test your radiator, inspect hoses for leaks and the radiator cap to ensure it’s properly sealed. We’ll then look at the coolant level and check the water pump for leaks and wear and tear, as well all drive belts for tension and condition.


Make sure your wheels have power! Our automatic transmission service includes the replacement of transmission fluid, cleaning and the replacement or adjustment of filters as required.

Air conditioning

Your engine is cool, and so should you be through the summer months. We’ll check the cooling and overall operation, check system pressures and check and adjust the compressor drive belt as needed. Finally, we’ll check and clean the condenser so you’ve got cool air when you need it.

Roadworthy inspections (RWC)

If you’re selling your vehicle, you’ll need a roadworthy certificate. Our expert team are fully qualified and licensed to conduct roadworthy inspections, and upon completion, will either present you with your roadworthy certificate or give you a list of the items that need to be repaired or replaced. These inspections are carried out in accordance with the rules and regulations set out by VicRoads.


Don’t let a faulty exhaust affect your car’s performance. We’ll check it for wear, tear and damage, ensuring your exhaust doesn’t impact on your fuel economy.


If you’re in the market for new rubber, we can help! We stock a range of quality tyres from Australian and international brands and can recommend, supply and fit one or more for you. Protect your safety with the best road-holding tyres for your vehicle.


You don’t notice there’s something wrong with your steering until you really need it! Power steering can be the most overlooked thing on your vehicle, but with regular servicing it can help you move effortlessly on the roads and into parking spaces.

Fuel system EFI

Your fuel system ensure the smooth running of fuel into your engine, so our service includes a full engine tune-up, fuel filter and air cleaner check, a full grease and oil change and a safety check and report.

Engine repairs

Things a big sluggish? Our expert team handle minor and major engine repairs, from it being simply worn out, right through to accidental damage repair. Depending on the level of work required, we can also recommend and supply a reconditioned or replacement engine which will restore power and fuel economy to your vehicle.

Engine replacement

If we’re going for a full engine replacement we can supply and install engines for most makes and models. All exchange engines are of the highest quality, with accuracy and tolerances to the manufacturer’s original specifications. We fully guarantee your exchange engine for quality and performance. If we can’t find a replacement engine to meet your needs, we can organise a rebuild.

Ignition systems

Vital to the running of your car, your ignition system is the heartbeat you listen for when you need to move. We’ll inspect and test your ignition system, and will recommend any repair or replacement as required.